Our gourmet activities

Although Corsica is an island, it’s activities are not only centred on fishing.  The Corsicans are particularly attached to their regions and each region overflows with tasty treasures and ancestral recipes.

Scrambled eggs with sea urchin, storzapretti pasta, pork, wild boar, veal, crayfish, varieties of fish, polenta, aubergines Bonifacian-style, starlings and other dishes derived from the hunting season as well as the sea.

The sunlight plus the richness of our soil give life to a large variety of high quality products: olive oil, grapes, wine, chestnuts, honey, jams, goat or sheep milk, Cedrat lemon, clementine, hazelnuts …

The cured meat is made from free-range black pigs from the mountains, giving them an incomparable flavour.  The large variety of derived products will make an exceptional platter: Prisuttu, Coppa, Lonzu, Figatellu, Salamu….

In each village, shepherds create their goat or sheep cheese by their talent, their recipes and its maturation time. Brocciu is a type of fresh cheese made from curds and is eaten at the end of a meal with sugar or local brandies or used in recipes of ravioli, cannelloni or other sweet pastries.

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Pastries :
Canestrelli, Fiadone, Pastizzu, Frappes, brocciu fritters, Chestnut flour cakes and pastries by Sabine Lucchetti.

Honey :
The riches of the Corsican scrubland and the climate offer ideal conditions for the bees to produce honey. Apiculture is an area that gives a large palette of flavours to our taste buds such as springtime, summer or autumn honey, chestnut honey, myrtle honey, thyme honey or clementine honey … floral, runny, amber, honeydew … some are more bitter and others are sweeter, but you cannot imagine leaving the island without an AOP “Mele di Corsica” pot of honey.

Waters :
As surprising as it may be, Corsica has three major water sources:
In the North in Balagne, still water: Zilia
In the Centre in Castagniccia, a ferruginous fizzy water: Orezza.
In the South: Saint-Georges and its still water.

Beer :
Corsican beer is well known locally and is now getting known beyond the Mediterranean
– Pietra is an amber beer brewed from chestnuts,
– Serena is a blonde beer brewed from chestnuts and malt,
– Colomba is a pale ale brewed from malt, barley and wheat.  But its secret is hidden in the Arbutus, Myrtle, and Juniper berries…


Corsican Wines :
Offer a large variety of quality wines.
9 vine varieties are cultivated with the promise of a specific and unexpected result depending on the region where they have ripened. These varieties cannot be found on mainland France, such as Sciaccarello and Nielluccio, used for red wines and very racy rosé wines or the Vermentino for white wines. The island of beauty has a precipitous topography with its dry stonewalls, hillsides, and plains that receive the Mediterranean sea spray. The microclimates favoured by the proximity of the mountains, the poorness of the soil are beneficial to the vines and reveal Corsica as a land of wine.
Bonifacio is reviving its wine-growing past. A few hundred metres from the Residence on the limestone plateau of the Piale of Bonifacio at Maora, the Domaine Zuria has planted and harvested a succulent rosé wine. Today with Canerelli and Buzzo, Bonifacio now has 3 producers of excellent wines.

Our services

The residence offers a choice of personalised services.  Its passionate team will elaborate a made-to-measure stay to meet your wishes and make your stay rich and intense, full of secrets.

Among the different services proposed: bakery deliveries, breakfast, pastries, a free WIFI and 4G network access, parking, heated swimming pool reserved for our guests only, boat rental (with or without skipper) …